Tips & Tricks to rock your Arawela heels

Tips & Tricks to rock your Arawela heels

Do you need some tips and tricks to rock your heels? No problem. This
 will be a guide for all things comfort when wearing heels. Everything you need
to know about being able to walk confidently in heels all day long will be
shared in this guide. We will help you with finding the right shoes, correcting
your posture when strutting, and the best tips for how to walk gracefully in
heels. No one should be in pain when looking their best, so say goodbye to
rolled ankles and pained feet and say hello to Arawela Shoes.


Tip #1: Quality over Quantity
Cheap pairs of shoes are tempting but
more times than you like they are not comfy.
With Arawela you get both. Quality shoes for
a great price. Good quality shoes really make
a difference in the comfort you will
experience for the night. A heel that is not
stable means you are more likely to hurt
yourself whether its rolling your ankle, or
having your heel break. Arawela Shoes takes
pride in using high quality materials but at a
reasonable price.

Tip #2: Break them In
Always break any shoes in. This secures
your comfort for the night. Make sure
you know your right shoe size
beforehand. Wear your new Arawela
shoes around for a short period of time
around your house and get a feel for how
they feel. It's always a great idea to break
any shoes in before wearing them for a
night out. By breaking them in, you
create the stretch and flex your shoes
need to be comfortable for long wear.
Tip #3: Heel to Toes
When strutting in your Arawela heels, always put your heel down first
and follow with your toes. This takes pressure of the sole of your feet. Many
people who are not used to
wearing heels walk with their
whole foot as if they are
wearing flats. Always walk
heel to toes in high heels to
have that natural flawless
Tip #4: Posture & No Rush
Allow yourself to lean
just slightly back when
walking in heels, we naturally
have an inclination to lean
forward when walking in
heels. So adjust and lean
slightly back, visualize
yourself walking in a straight
line, and centre your weight.
Lastly, take your time. Walking quickly in high heels can end up in many
horrible ways. Take small steps and stay balanced. Take your time and show off
your Arawela’s.
Tip #5: Recover
Walking in high heels all day is not an easy job. Make sure to rest and
recover your feet. Always stretch your feet and ankles before and after. If you
feel soreness throughout the day, sit
down and relax and elevate your feet
for a small period of time. Always take
your time and make sure your shoes
are comfortable before stepping out
with them all day. After a long day in
heels make sure to treat yourself and
revitalize your feet.
Are you ready to be a Arawela Angel?


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